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Hey There

This is Seya Hashemi website. in this website you can see his paintings. 

All About Me

Seya hashemi paintings is very personal. His body of work represent contemporary relation of human and nature. His practice examines the effect of human and nature on each other’s. his surreal approach is ambiguous, inspired by broad range of religion, myth, cultural, literary, especially old history of Iran.

Born in Iran before revolution 1978, he has seen Iran before and after revolution, his works reflects upon Iranian identity and effects of revolution on Iranian life and social image.

“. I was born in Sharray which is a small city near the capital of Iran, Tehran. To this day, my artwork is based mostly on my dreams. Many times, I have been compelled to wake up at three O’clock in the morning and begin to create what I have just dreamt about.

When I was a child, I always used to watch my father draw pictures of a small fox. While watching him, I practiced hard and knew I had to draw the fox better than he could. Even in those days, I would walk around gazing intensely at everything whilst paying special attention to colours until I could paint the fox.”



instagram: hashemiseya

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